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Building / Local Initiatives

At 1900 West Loop South, we recognize the workplace wellness programs that support employees and their work environment.

Wellness has a positive impact on employee morale and can also present a positive return on investment for the employer, too. If employees are healthy and happy, they will be more productive!

This property is invested in providing a healthy environment that fosters employee wellness and satisfaction.

General Health


  • Employers can offer healthy foods at meetings, conferences and catered events.
  • Remember to stay hydrated - drink plenty of water throughout your day!

Physical Activity
See the following for information on physical activity programs and/or facilities

  • Get up and move! Standing up from your desk and moving will increase circulation and general focus.
  • We encourage employees to take the stairwell over elevator use.

Stress Management

  • Take stress relief breaks (i.e., meditation, walking or just closing the office door).
  • Encourage laughter to reduce stress at the worksite.

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