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Heating, ventilation or air conditioning, unusual noises, odors and janitorial service requests can be entered into the Angus system and will be dispatched to the appropriate management team member. If a problem is discovered after normal business hours and is an emergency, please contact the Property Management Office and leave a detailed report of the problem with the security officer. They will contact the appropriate team member to handle your request.

The following are examples of services provided as Building Standard items at no additional cost to tenants:

  • Thermostat adjustments
  • Building standard light bulb changes in tenant spaces and common areas
  • Maintenance and repair of building’s mechanical systems
  • Repair of all base building and building standard fixtures
  • Elevator repairs or adjustments

MRI Angus
For the convenience of our tenants, Transwestern has set up an online tenant service center called MRI Angus. Through this system, the Tenant Coordinators should submit service requests, review the progress and history of previous service requests, and view memos and notices from the Property Management Office. If Angus requests are made after business hours, they will be processed the following business day.

Tenant Coordinators will have access to Angus by completing and returning to the Property Management Office the Angus Set-Up Request form which can be found in the FORMS section of this manual.

Above-Standard Building Services
The following are examples Above-Standard services that can be requested and provided at a reasonable cost:

  • After-hours air conditioning/ heating
  • Above-building standard light bulbs
  • Installation of door closures
  • Alteration or remodeling work (Requires outside contractor)
  • Installation of electrical outlets (Requires outside contractor)
  • Installation of additional or re-keyed lock sets
  • Duplicate keys or re-keying. (All keying and new key orders are handled by the Property Management Office. At no time are suites to be re-keyed by tenants.)

After-Hours HVAC Requests
Requests for after-hours HVAC on weekends or holidays must be scheduled with the Property Management Office in advance by filling out an Overtime HVAC Request form found in FORMS section of this manual. The request must be received by the Property Management Office before 12:00 p.m. on the day before you will require overtime air conditioning. Requests must be made only by the Authorized Tenant Contact.

Above-Standard Equipment and Lighting
Each tenant is responsible for the cost of maintenance of equipment and lighting in their suite that is not considered building standard. Examples of above-standard equipment and lighting include supplemental heating and air conditioning units, plumbing, appliances, down lights, desk lamps, cubicles, etc. The Property Management Office will arrange for maintenance of non-standard items at the tenant’s expense.

Please contact the Property Management Office for assistance in obtaining pricing for any required repair.

Above-Standard Service Billing
Tenants will be billed for above-standard services such as overtime HVAC, suite keys, and electrical or plumbing requests on a monthly basis. An administrative fee of 15% for administration and overhead costs will be added to the direct cost, in addition to contracted invoices.

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