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Civil Disturbance

Civil Disturbances are not easily categorized. Depending on the organization responsible for the disturbance, it may range from a calm group of picketers, to a violent destructive mob. It is possible that one will escalate to the other.

Eliminating the threat of violence and destruction are the goals of Management. Usually, problems associated with civil disturbances can be reduced if the potential activities are detected swiftly and an action plan exists for resolving conflicts.

Tenant Duties
It is recommended that Tenants develop their own civil disturbance action plan and review it with Building Management.

Any information received regarding the potential for a disturbance must be communicated quickly to the Building Management Office. Occasionally, political interest groups, disgruntled employees, or striking employees will let it be known that they intend to demonstrate, picket, etc. This information must be taken seriously and communicated to the Building Management Office.

If a disturbance is detected, the following must be reported to the police at 911.

  1. Location of the disturbance: street, address, floor and suite.
  2. Your name and company name.
  3. Size of the group.
  4. Type of demonstration.

If a disturbance is detected, the Building Management Office must be contacted immediately. (24 hours a day at (713) 850-9555).

Instruct employees to avoid communicating with the demonstrators, antagonizing the demonstrators, or aggravating the situation in any way.

The necessity to evacuate the Building during a civil disturbance is not probable, but if evacuation is deemed necessary it will be conducted as a General Fire Evacuation. The only exception is that elevators can be used in the absence of a fire emergency.

Building Duties
Upon receiving information that a civil disturbance may occur, the following actions will be taken by Building Management.

  1. The Building Management team will meet.
  2. An analysis of the threat will be made to determine the probability of an occurrence and potential for violence if it does occur.

If the probability of violence is great, the following actions will be taken:

  1. The Police Department will be requested to be on stand-by.
  2. Additional uniformed patrol officers will be scheduled to work during the probable disturbance period.

In the event of a civil disturbance, the following information will be gathered:          

  1. Location of the demonstration
  2. Size of the group
  3. Type of demonstration
  4. Have the police been called?
  5. Does the affected Tenant intend to evacuate?
  6. Have employees been notified?

In the event of a civil disturbance, the following actions will be taken:

  1. The Building Management team will be notified.
  2. All affected Tenants will be notified. Time of notification and the responsible Tenant representative notified will be documented and retained by the Building Management Office.
  3. Building Management personnel will observe the scene to assess the severity of the disturbance.
  4. If evacuation is deemed necessary by a Tenant, assistance will be given to the Tenant via the Building Staff.

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