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Bomb Threat Procedures

Bomb threats should be taken seriously even though most threats are hoaxes.

Receiving a Bomb Threat Phone Call at your Tenant Office

Reception Interception of Bomb Threat Phone Call:

In most cases, the company receptionist will receive the bomb threat. It is critical that, regardless of who receives the threatening call, the receiver remains calm and tries to obtain as much information as possible. Recommended procedures are: 

  • Notify Property Management IMMEDIATELY.
  • Complete a Bomb Threat Checklist as you are talking to the caller (keep form accessible and nearby at all times). Get as much information as possible before hanging up. (If the caller makes demands or attempts to negotiate, forward the caller to Management, if possible. While caller is placed on hold, inform Management person of caller’s information concerning the bomb threat.)
  • Give your Checklist to the Property Manager and/or local emergency responder.
  • The Property Manager will contact local emergency responders.

For additional information and training resources, please see the following bomb threat guidelines, checklists, and stand-off card:

Bomb Threat Checklist
Bomb Threat Guidelines
Bomb Threat Stand-Off Card