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Hurricanes are a potential threat from June through November for our area. These tropical storms are characterized by winds in excess of 75 miles per hour and extremely heavy rain.

The following suggestions and divisions of responsibilities are designed to provide for the safety of all, by reducing the chance of injury or death and minimizing the potential loss of assets.

The U.S. Weather Service reports the movement of tropical depressions that may present a threat to the Gulf Coast area. Given an early alert, certain steps should be taken to prepare for the hurricane.

Tenant Duties
It is advantageous both to our Tenants and the property management staff that the building be evacuated as expediently as possible once hurricane preparations have been made in each Tenant’s suite. (See below)

It is advisable for all Tenants to make necessary preparations for their suite as follows:

  1. Raise all mini-blinds within the suite.
  2. Disconnect all computers or other machines and remove any units located in window wall offices.
  3. Waterproof tarps can be useful in covering desks and filing cabinets.
  4. Clear all desks, credenzas and filing cabinets of loose articles and store in file cabinets.
  5. All major Tenants, and those with significant computer or after-hours operations are encouraged to implement their own written Hurricane Emergency plan to deal with operation and protection of their systems and personnel.

If a hurricane is imminent, Tenants should initiate and complete office preparation in sufficient time to allow employees to leave work to secure their homes prior to the expected arrival of gale force winds. The Building Management will be monitoring U.S. Weather Bureau reports and will advise Tenant companies of changes in weather conditions for their own evacuation decisions.

Always notify the Building Management Office upon evacuation of your space.

Telephone Service
Telephone service may be interrupted during severe weather. Telephone companies are capable of installing emergency service lines to Tenants having compatible switching equipment. Tenants requiring emergency service should ask their telephone representative for specific information.

Building Duties
When a hurricane is imminent, the following action will be taken by the Building Management Staff:

  1. Bring potential flying objects indoors.
  2. Building auxiliary power for emergency lighting, etc. will be re-tested to ensure its availability.
  3. Supplies of building and other materials will be checked or obtained for availability to cover broken windows, etc.

During the storm, the following actions will be taken by the Building Staff:

  1. Frequent contact will be maintained with the U.S. Weather Service.
  2. Building Patrols will be performed continually by the patrol officer on duty and engineering staff to monitor building damage.
  3. Emergency repairs will be made when weather permits.

After the storm, the following actions will be taken by the Building Staff:

  1. A thorough search for safety hazards will be conducted.
  2. Repairs will be made as quickly as possible.
  3. Constant communications will be maintained with Public Utilities until all disrupted service is restored.
  4. The Building Management Staff will be available to advise Tenant Representatives of the condition of the Building and its ability to be reopened for normal use.

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